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SITE investigations

We can carry out all aspects of ground investigation from shallow trail inspection pits to 40m plus cable percussive drilling

limited access

Dando 1000 cut down cable percussive drilling rig is perfect for limited access and height restrictions. This can be powered using a Diesel engine or a 3 phase power supply

water wells

The Dando 2000 & 4000 drilling rigs are towed using a 4×4 truck. These rigs are perfect for deep bore holes and water wells

de-watering wells

Our Dando 1000 spends a lot of time in basements in London, installing shallow water wells for de-watering so ground works can continue excavating

domestic water wells

Depending on ground conditions and location a water well may be perfect for your garden and home needs. From large diameter shallow wells to deep 50m plus

project management

  Our highly dedicated, experienced & professional team are able to manage all aspects of drilling & investigations for the most demanding of sites.

why choose us?

With over 40 years experience, trained & qualified staff we are skilled in efficiently drilling to ensure our clients get what they need, with minimal impact to the environment around our operations.  If you require a reliable competitively priced drilling contractor ideally situated to cover the South of England then choose West Wight Drilling Ltd.

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