Our team has a wealth of expert knowledge 

in the following fields:

Drilling for either domestic or commercial water

 Geothermal heating boreholes, including drilling, installation, pumps and trenching

All aspect of site investigation procedures

 Limited access and restricted sites

Dynamic Probe, Water Wells

Concrete Coring

Window Sampling

Did you know about the cost savings of having your own water supply? 

They could be up to 95% cheaper than your current water bill!


This all important service is carried out using light cable percussive rigs for advanced planning for housing, foundation work, industrial buildings, roads and bridges. With site investigations we can carry out a range of testing and sampling during operations.

We can also carry out gas and water monitoring boreholes.


West Wight Drilling  are experienced piling contractors and can offer steel driven piles 150mm and 219mm Dia along with CFA piles 200mm and 300mm Dia using our small tracked piling rigs which are great for limited access sites.

These piles are suitable for extensions, conservatories and small house builds.


This process includes the construction of the well, installation on the well, screen and pumping tests, wecan also construct the well chamber if required.

Many of our wells have been for private supply, the farming industry and the leisure industry.

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